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CMax3Pack Mobile Compressors


Introducing the Alfons Haar range of high volume mobile air compressors. As with all Haar equipment they are purpose built for a mobile application, and come with more than a few unique features:

Small - the neat package that occupies only 366mm of space and mounts on the outside of the chassis leaving the space within the chassis rails clear. The shaft drive is perpendicular to the body of the compressor so the compressor sits perpendicular to the chassis when mounted. Mount on the outside of the chassis and still maximise your fuel tank size

Light - only 215kg including compressor, 2-stage intake filter, inlet pipework and connection, outlet pipework and connection, pressure relief valve, oil cooling system which includes the oil pump and filter (inside the compressor body) and oil cooling radiator, outlet exhaust silencer, gauges. Reduced weight to enable higher carrying capacity, or add a large fuel tank

Cool operating temp - because we use an oil pump system with an oil cooler enables continuous running 25hrs/day. Temp at the outlet is 175 celsius at 2bar pressure

Quiet - 95dB at the outlet of the machine, down to 82dB which is less than the noise of city traffic while sitting in your car or a telephone dial tone

Powerful - it will provide up to 1060 m3/hr and up to 2.5bar of pressure

Easy to install - the complete package can be mounted to the chassis using the brackets on the pack in only a few hours. No special skills required.