The little refueller that could


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The little refueller that could

Avalon Airport Australia - the 25 year old refueller that keeps on fuelling IMG_0419_website

Avalon Airport southwest of Melbourne provides essential passenger flights, air freight, aircraft maintenance, general aviation and other aviation services.

When Kelvin Boddington of Avalon Airport Australia carried out some maintenance on the company's Linfox branded aviation refueller, he discovered an inline valve that he'd not previously had to touch. It was still coated in the original orange paint, and had been quietly working away providing the inline deadman control for the underwing fuelling system for over 25 years (the refueller was built by NVE in July 1985), but now needed a new air seal.

The vehicle hydraulics had been given an upgrade, and the refueller was due to be back in service within a week to provide essential defuelling and refuelling services to the Qantas maintenance team. As insurance we flew in a complete new valve but a simple seal kit did the job and had the orginal 25 year old valve and the refueller back in service on time.

Thanks to Kelvin, Supervisor David Moreland and AAA for being valued long term Alfons Haar equipment users.