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Not your average Air Rewind


Introducing the AIRSTAR AIR REWIND HOSEREEL. The whisper quiet 4 cylinder Airstar rewind motor makes air rewind a viable solution for fuel and LPG carriers.

While other air rewind motors have a reputation for being extremely noisy, difficult to handle and sometimes dangerous, the Airstar is the complete opposite. Quieter than a hydraulic rewind motor, it is a LOW SPEED - HIGH TORQUE 4 cylinder rotary motor that can be adjusted to suit your desired retrieval speed.

Operating very much like a hydraulic hosereel, the Airstar prevents overspinning the reel while unwinding, and unlike other air rewind motors it allows the operator to hold the hose against the rewind force, a very important safety feature.

Hydraulically driven equivalents require a hydraulic pump, motor, operating lever controls, filter, oil tank, hoses, tubes and fittings weighing hundreds of kilograms (including hydraulic oil).

Use that weight to increase your payload instead, and earn money for carrying it around for the next 20 years!

Features: Lightweight (3kg); Quiet; Safe - hold the hose against the pull of the motor; Compact - less than 100mm wide (within the profile of the inlet elbow); Smooth; Efficient - 50% less air consumption and produces 30% more torque than a conventional air motor (uses approx 1L of air per meter of hose); Maintenance free; Removes thousands of dollars of unnecessary hydraulics; Removes hundreds of kilograms of unnecessary hydraulics; Quick and simple installation saves considerable installation costs. Comes with push in air fittings and a convenient air control lever.


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