Fuel Distribution

With a focus firmly on mobile transfer applications, Alfons Haar has one of the largest ranges of fuel handling equipment in the industry.

Products include:

Pumps - A range of vane pumps for flows of up to 1500LPM. Specialist truck mounted systems with internal valve switching and PTO mounted units unique to the industry

Meters and metering packages - Alfons Haar manufacture a range of meter bodies, registers and metering accessories and design packaged metering systems for aviation refuelling, diesel and LPG transfer

Road tanker equipment - API adaptors, footvalves, manhole covers and other road tanker equipment. Vapour recovery, overfill protection, and packaged theft and loss prevention systems such as cross over prevention (COP) and sealed parcel delivery system (SPDS)

Aviation refuelling components - A wide range of aviation refuelling components highly regarded by refueller builders and users around the world includes: venturis, hosereels, pressure control valves, deadman systems, bonding reels, differential pressure gauges, swivels, air control valves

Haar Australia is a member of the NBTA

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