PreciPURE Metering Technology

Alfons Haar's PreciPURE fuel metering system delivers both petrol and diesel at up to 1000 litres per minute via a single meter with a fully automated contamination free product changeover.

Delivery modes include: gravity metering into underground tanks at up to 1000LPM; pumped metering into above ground tanks at up to 1000LPM; diesel hosereel deliveries at up to 450LPM, petrol hosereel deliveries at up to 350LPM.

All delivery modes include a preset function enabling the operator to choose an exact delivery volume and the system dispenses the correct amount and automatically shuts off, while compartment control enables the operator to select which order compartments are dispensed.

Standard options include a large digit remote display, hi/lo speed delivery control, pump temperature monitoring, automatic tank gauging, trailer suction, vehicle control, operator deadman monitoring, delivery tank overfill protection and much more.


Saving hundreds of kilograms over a conventional system, PreciPURE is also available without a pump in a version called PreciTURBO.

PreciTURBO is an NMI approved variant of PreciPURE which offers gravity metering only, with all of the features of PreciPURE except the pumped delivery modes. This system is incredibly light and compact and provides fleet operators with the ability to split compartments delivering precise preset volumes of both diesel and petrol into underground service station tanks.


While looking decidedly high tech, the operator interface is incredibly user friendly and is the culmination of over 60 years of fuellingtechnology development.

Tech savvy users can use the available open interface EN standardised FTL (Fuel Truck Link) for two-way communication with other onboard fuel management, data capture and computer systems.

FTL is a published standard, providing an open gateway into our system, embracing other onboard technologies and enabling fuel transport companies to use the data onboard our PreciCONTROL systems to streamline their back office processes.

PreciCONTROL systems also offer integrated Sealed Parcel Delivery System, Cross Over Protection and Retained Product Monitoring for a total secure end to end delivery solution.

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