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Operating in some of the most remote parts of Australia, Direct Haul provided a unique opportunity to test out our complete pump range in some of the toughest conditions.

Specialist dangerous goods transporter Direct Haul is fast becoming one of Australia’s largest fuel distributors, with one of the youngest fleets on the road today. The white road trains with distinctive green and grey logo can be seen delivering fuel across almost half of Australia, stretching from the far north down across the continent.

Covering such large distances provides the big fleet of quad tanker road trains with the perfect opportunity to make big gains in efficiency, productivity and cost reductions through the use of fuel delivery equipment that pumps faster and weighs less.

A Direct Haul spokesperson summed up the situation. “Our customers expect only the best from us. They expect good clean fuel delivered safely, on time no matter how remote they are, and they don't accept excuses. We in turn demand a lot from our equipment. To operate effectively and profitably in a difficult environment we buy only the best equipment we can get. We need it to be light weight yet robust and reliable, and it must operate efficiently.”

“When we were introduced to the Alfons Haar pumping equipment, on paper it ticked all the boxes, and over time its proved itself. We have trailer mounted diesel engine driven pumping systems for specialist marine bunkering, and we’re putting their PTO FIT pumps into service on our smaller rigid fleet.”

“We also use their pumps for our bulk transfer pumps in both the hydraulic drive and shaft drive configurations. Some of our tankers pump hundreds of meters to storage facilities and in marine bunkering applications and the Haar pumps get the job done.”, he said.

To compliment the pumps on offer, Haar Australia also supplies a wide selection of pumping accessories including: suction strainers pump temperature switches vibration eliminating mounts Manntek inlet/outlet ballvalves pump bypass valves discharge pressure operator controls hydraulic oil coolers and heat exchangers

Not all customers provide an opportunity to supply pumps for such a wide variety of applications and we look forward to a partnership for years to come.


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