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Metering systems

Alfons Haar measurement systems for fuel and LPG have become an industry standard in many parts of the world.

A huge range of hardware including meter bodies, control valves and electronic registers, are seamlessly integrated with the vehicle air operated delivery valves and other pneumatic equipment to create delivery packages based on the PreciCONTROL bus system.

Systems include: PreciFUEL aviation refuelling system; PreciGAS LPG delivery; PreciPURE pumped fuel delivery; PreciTURBO gravity turbine metering system.

The PreciCONTROL systems also facilitate Cross Over Protection [COPS], Sealed Parcel Delivery System [SPDS], Retained Product Monitoring System [RPMS], PreciMIX additive injection and much more.

Click here to learn more about our PreciPURE and PreciTURBO metering systems or talk to us today about your metering requirements.


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