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aviation refuelling

Aviation refuelling is a specialised field, requiring a heightened level of attention to fuel cleanliness, management of delivery pressures, and operating at higher flow rates than typically experienced with general fuel distribution. It is definitely an area best left to the experts.

With the high level of engineering and precision in Alfons Haar fuelling equipment, it was a natural fit for Alfons Haar to specialise in this area and today we are renowned globally for our range of aviation refuelling systems and equipment.

From individual components to a fully tested ARU refuelling module ready to mount to your chassis, Alfons Haar can help engineer a complete aviation refuelling solution for your needs.

With Alfons Haar equipment you can build an aviation refuelling system to suit almost any application: from simple mechanically controlled hydrant carts and refuellers with electronics and hydraulics eliminated; to electronically controlled metering and logic systems on a fully integrated bus system.

Our specialised aviation refuelling components include: refuelling logic control systems, additive injection, venturis, pressure control systems, control valves, strainers, pumps and metering equipment and much more. Helicopter fuelling


A sub-segment of aviation refuelling, helicopter fuelling has been a specialist field for Alfons Haar for decades. We have a range of fuelling solutions to cater for land based or ship based helicopter fuelling including our HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refuelling) system and HRS (Helicopter Refuelling Systems) for fuelling helicopters on all manner of military ships and super yachts.

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