"They must have a lot of good engineers over there constantly looking at how to make it better". Its something we hear with pride quite often at Haar Australia.

We know that when a customer makes the decision to purchase an Alfons Haar product they are making an investment in the sustainability of their business. Not everyone can afford to invest in the best, but when your business stops if your equipment breaks down, can you afford not to?

For over 60 years Alfons Haar has looked for ways to improve liquid transport and transfer through innovative design. We work with the physics of liquid transfer to harness velocity and improve flowrates. We let the fuel go where it wants to flow and we speed it up. We use better bearings to spin faster with smaller chambers. We use the available power sources (DC power, hydraulics and pneumatics) efficiently in innovative ways to reduce the size of your mobile systems.

You save energy, fuel, time and money.

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