Weight, when less is more

At Alfons Haar we understand that by weighing less you can carry more.

In 1949 when German engineer Alfons Haar opened his machinery workshop in Hamburg, he started an obsession with weight loss that would remain a constant focus of the business.

Today we constantly strive to use innovative materials and designs that allow us to remove weight from our equipment.

Take our pump range as an example. Our pumps are all made from a special grade of cast iron. This not only enables us to achieve an ATEX certification, but its strength then allows us to remove excess material from the design. By putting the right amount of material in the right places and removing it from where it doesnt serve any purpose, we achieve very strong designs that are light. In fact our cast iron pumps are 30-40% lighter than some aluminium pumps of equivalent flow rates.

You will find barely a straight line on the body of our pumps. We have used sophisticated computer modelling to remove restrictions from the fuel flow path to reduce noise and improve flow, and you can see this on the body of the pump because we have removed the excess material from around this flow path on the outside of the pump.

But weight, there's less! Our individual components weigh less, but our systems take weight loss to a whole new level. As an example, our PTO FIT pump directly mounts to the PTO, removing the need for hydraulics on the vehicle. The weight savings are dramatic. The pump itself weighs only 20kg (about half the weight of equivalent pumps rated to 600LPM), but the real saving is the hydraulic system needed to drive the conventional pump which can weigh hundreds of kilograms.

But without hydraulics how do you rewind the hosereel? Well, our air rewind reels operate almost identically to a hydraulically driven one, and our aluminium hosereels are half the weight of other common brands.

We encourage you to take a closer look at that heavy system you are carrying around, and consider installing a lighter system when you next purchase fuelling equipment.

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